Supporting Documents

01. Business plan template

02. Organisation Chart

03. Business Continuity Risk Assessment

04. Staff Contract Sample

05. Job Description Form

06. New Staff Checklist

07. Staff Induction Checklist

08. Staff Timesheet

09. Support Plan Template

10. Participant Consent Form

11. Participant Cover Page

12. Participant Intake Checklist

13. Participant Intake Form

14. Progress Notes Template

15. Referral Form

16. Act as an Advocate Form

17. Participant Exit or Transition Form

18. Complaints Form

19. Feedback form

20. Incident Form

21. Conflict of Interest Form

22. Hazard Identification Register

23. Home Safety Checklist

24. WHS Checklist

25. Delegation of Authority Register

26. Internal audit Schedule

27. Meeting minutes

28. Code of Conduct

29. Easy Read Consent

30. Support worker Performance appraisal

31. Medication Incident Form

32. Medication Management Checklist

33. Medication Plan and Consent

34. S8 Medication Risk Assessment

35. Cash Card Clause

36. Cash Reconcilation Form

37. Participant Review Form

38. Emergency Plan Form

39. Hazard Form

40. Risk Indemnity Form

41. Commission - Pamplet

42. Commission Participant Information Pack-Full Version

43. Commission Participant-letter

44. Z Business plan guide doc

45. Hazardous Substances Checklist

46. Risk Assessment Guide and Checklist for Support Workers

47. Service Agreement and Schedule of Support

48. Support Plan

49. Waste Risk Assessment Checklist

50. Invoice Template

51. Complaint Register

52. Incident register

53.Business Continuity Plan

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Joceline C
Joceline C
10/10 recommend Health Provider Assist! They made the process so much less stressful. Thank you to Cas and the team for helping me pass my audit
Living Better And Beyond Pty Ltd.
Living Better And Beyond Pty Ltd.
HPA was very supportive and professional.
John Gaker
John Gaker
It is great being looked after by the HPA. They provide consise information and to the point, and their availability to their clients at the time of needs is amazing. Please I recomment using HPA and you will receive great services.
Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Patel
I had my audit done with HPA. They have been accommodating and supportive. They made NDIS audits achievable—I greatly appreciate Jahnielle, who helped a lot before and after the audit.
Geoffrey Ochan
Geoffrey Ochan
Very satisfied with professionalism of the HPA team throughout the process. Worked with Jahnielle for the past few months for my NDIS registration & she made it really easy. Top class. Highly recommend. Thank you a lot.
Kassa Yirdaw
Kassa Yirdaw
I have been enjoying to receive great supporter, professional advice and as well as all sort of document support. My Client Manager and my Consultant have been providing me Amazing and Briante support since I joined them to present. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to apply for NDIS provider registration to join this excellent organisation.
Aaron S
Aaron S
I had an exceptional experience with Health Provider Assist, particularly thanks to Jahnielle. Her assistance in preparing for the NDIS audit was invaluable. Her expertise and guidance made the process smooth and stress-free. I'm grateful for her dedication and the comprehensive support provided by Health Provider Assist. Highly recommended!
Rami Bawa
Rami Bawa
HPA has been assisting my NDIS registration process and I am very happy with them as they are guiding me step by step and going very well. I have already referred my friend after seeing HPA services and will must recommend them.
Nasir aslam
Nasir aslam
I would strongly recommend HPA. They are best at what they do. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Always there when you need their help.
Shane Dilanka
Shane Dilanka
Hpa professional has been amazing in helping me through my ndis registration journey. The process is super complex and time consuming however my consultant made sure that I’m truly ready for audit and there always there if you ……